Design & Development of Websites

<p>Today, websites are no longer a luxury but are necessary for everyone in the social development and business world. A website is the face of the organisation to the world, so much more than brochures and other positioning materials. Further, websites can be customised to provide a lot of interactivity and relevant content to the target audience.</p>
<p>New Concept ICT is an expert at creating customised websites for clients. The website creation process is as follows:</p>
<li>Meetings are held with the client to determine their needs and to brainstorm about new ideas regarding the website</li>
<li>The needs gathering and brainstorming results in a set of business requirements that detail what has been thus far envisioned and is to be built</li>
<li>Graphic design options are presented to the client. The visual look and feel of a website is of substantial importance in creating the overall positioning of the organisation. After understanding the client's needs in the initial brainstorming meetings, several design ideas are discussed. The discussion includes the overall design concept, colours, organisational positioning and goals. If the organisation has a brand book or colour regulations, these are perused and taken into account. Based on this, design options are presented to the client</li>
<li>Once the site is approved by the client, it is deployed on their server</li>

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