Systems Analysis and Strategy

<p>Management Information Systems (MIS)&nbsp;of all kinds are the eyes and ears for social development organisations. Most often, key indicators that measure project performance and impact performance are tracked through computer systems. In this scenario, MIS systems are no longer an indulgence but become the bread and butter or core aspect of organisations doing social development work.</p>
<p>Hence, it is essential that social development organisations adopt a well thought out and correct strategy pertaining to their MIS. While MIS are central to social development organisations, they often lack the expertise in creating this MIS strategy and rely on the experts at New Concept ICT to help them create this strategy. This MIS strategy is created in several steps. The first is to do a study of the existing MIS within the organisation.</p>
<p>This is done by interviewing staff members in the country, field and partner offices to determine what types of information flow (systematic or operational) exists in the organisation. Based on this data gathering, a detailed report is prepared that starts with a Situation Analysis and proceeds to recommend a systems strategy for the organisation. In this manner, New Concept ICT lends its ICT experts to social development organisations to help them create an effective systems strategy.</p>
<p>At New Concept ICT, our mission is to accomplish Social Development by enabling our partners.</p>

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    New Concept, with its sound understanding of the development sector and strong communication background is uniquely poised to understand, assess, and deliver customised information management systems of various scales and complexities at different levels of programme operations.

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