Web Enabled MIS

<p>One of our core competencies is the creation of web enabled systems of any kind. Each of the categories of systems including Survey, Monitoring &amp; Evaluation (M&amp;E) system and Management Information System (MIS) can be web based or stand alone. MIS helps an organisation track its intra organisation activities or it&nbsp;can be project based. In the latter case, various kinds of information about projects can be stored and required reports can be created. M&amp;E systems are a kind of MIS.</p>
<p>Web based MIS have become a strong trend in the social development sector because of the substantial benefits they provide. The benefits of web enabled MIS include:</p>
<li>The system can be accessed from anywhere</li>
<li>Data entry can happen at various levels including partner, state and country</li>
<li>Reports can be accessed from anywhere</li>
<li>The anywhere access feature of web based system allows the system to capture data that would otherwise not be captured and sit in filing cabinets in the field. For example, web based systems allow programme managers to submit trip reports online, and each level in the hierarchy can login and enter data that is relevant to them</li>
<li>Different levels of permission can be assigned to different users ensuring that they can only access parts of the system that are relevant to them</li>
<li>Web based systems allow for sophisticated reporting. This is because web technology has become established and mainstreamed and well-structured web based systems can generate any report that is logically possible</li>

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