Survey Processing System

<p>Survey processing and analysis systems are an important type of MIS system developed by New Concept's ICT team. In the social development sector, be it health, education, poverty or environment, often reliable data is not available on which to base or measure interventions or the existing state of affairs. Surveys are thus employed to gather data that is then utilised to create relevant and targeted interventions.</p>
<p>Surveys must be done, taking into account how they will finally be processed to arrive at the required research. Therefore, the creation of surveys proceeds backwards, starting from the specific hypotheses that the researcher would like to establish. Having listed the specific hypotheses in detail, surveys are constructed. New Concept Information Systems has a Surveys group that provides expertise in the construction of surveys.</p>
<p>Once the surveys are conducted, the data that has been gathered needs to be entered or imported into the system. This is done via data entry or data import. In the case of the World Bank Education Snapshot survey, where the sample size was large, OCR technology was used where the surveys were directly scanned using OCR scanners and the scanned data was directly imported into the system. The MIS system is then used to perform calculations on the data and to analyse it to test the hypotheses or create research as envisioned.</p>

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