Monitoring & Evaluation System

<p>All social development projects need to be monitored while they are in progress, at midline and finally evaluated against the baseline at the end of the project. Project impact cannot be gauged without a well thought out and executed M&amp;E plan. New Concept's ICT team has extensive experience in helping social development organisations to create a customised M&amp;E framework and then to translate this into MIS software that will track the performance of the project.</p>
<p>This is done by helping the clients to think through their indicators (Input, Process, Midline and Outcome), articulate them properly and then to break them down into their constituent data fields and calculations. Once this process is complete, an MIS system is developed that tracks the actual values of these indicators and provides clear reports that articulate the actual performance against the indicators.</p>
<p>Another aspect of building M&amp;E system is to study the data flow in terms of how the data is collected. This is done by visiting partners in the field and studying how the data is being collected at the ground level where the actual intervention takes place. Physical forms are studied to see if they are being filled out, and if so, is the data entry regular and accurate. The data that is being gathered in the field is then mapped against the data required to create the actual performance data against the indicators.</p>
<p>Finally, forms are created in the system where the data is entered on a periodic basis and the M&amp;E system generates reports that list the actual performance against the indicators.</p>

  • Ekjut Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (EMCPL)

    Our consortium of New Concept Information Systems Pvt. Ltd (NCIS) and Ekjut Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (EMCPL) offered TMST strong collective experience in the designing, training and supporting implementation and documentation of the Participatory Learning and Action(PLA) model for improvement in health, nutrition, water and sanitation (HNWASH) status in 15 high-burden districts of Odisha.

  • ICT Solutions

    New Concept, with its sound understanding of the development sector and strong communication background is uniquely poised to understand, assess, and deliver customised information management systems of various scales and complexities at different levels of programme operations.

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