Calendar 2009: The architecture of life

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I am a House called India.

I am Change. I am Hope.

I am India. I am one. I am many. In one. I have a hundred dimensions. A thousand textures. A million shades.

I am a house called India. I am quite incomparable in this world. I am not stone. I am not wood. I am not mud, bamboo or grass. I am sunshine.

I am rain. I am a courtyard of joys. With a staircase of challenges that leads to a verandah of achievements promising the finest views.

I am home to great values. My gates have always been open to the wanderings of the world. I am the ever-rising roof of a billion aspirations. I have room for understanding. I believe that doors shouldn’t be shut on the face of peace. My windows look out with hope everyday.

I have come a long way in putting the home in order. But there is so much to do. I don’t like my children queuing up for food. I don’t like my mothers suffering for lack of health care. I find it strange to write, because there are many who still can not read. I hesitate to celebrate my architecture, when millions continue to be homeless in the world.

I have asked New Concept to take you through the house. At the end of the tour you might like to join me in laying new cornerstones and erecting new pillars of progress.

This calendar is about the architecture of life. Each page is a small part of my whole — the whole vision, that you can help build true…