Calendar 2008: A harbinger of well-being for India’s millions

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History stands witness that long before the first European ships docked on our shores, fleets from India had already cast the anchor of Indian beliefs, values and products in distant cultures of the world. Centuries before that, path-breaking Indian achievements in the field of Philosophy, Medicine, Mathematics and Science had already cast a spell of amazement on the ancient world. It is this defining richness of many a millennium that has given India its unique place in the world today.

India has been moulded by the thoughts and actions of people who have inhabited it for thousands of years. This plentitude of thought and action also includes a rich heritage of development for the well-being of all. Our 2008 calendar places this heritage inspiringly on the timeline of present-day India. The calendar, therefore, is not just a celebration of India’s past. In looking back at the importance given to development principles, practices and programmes by different individuals and groups at various junctures of Indian history, this calendar looks at the past with pride and the future with great confidence and hope. Each page stands poised on the twin threshold of introspection and action – a threshold that New Concept Information Systems crosses with a deep sense of commitment, everyday, in the course of its multi-dimensional involvement with some of the most important development projects of the country.

New Concept really believes that each date on this calendar can be a harbinger of well-being for India’s millions.