Calendar 2007: A Palette called India

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Colours laugh. Colours cry. Colours sing a thousand songs. Songs of life and living. Songs of times gone by. Songs of time going by. And sometimes, songs in which the colours of time also stand still.

Muted. Talkative. Vibrant. Expressive. Colours so synonymous. Colours so anonymous… Every stroke, every dab, every flourish hiding a thousand tales in a land as amazingly magical and ancient as India. A land of many-hued cities, villages, cultures, beliefs, wars, protests, music and the arts whose history and heritage presents a huge canvas of events, concepts and philosophies awash with a tinge of this and a shade of that… ‘India is a colourful country’. Every alternate writeup on India opens with the almost mechanical use of this phrase. But what exactly do we mean by it? It happens so often. Time and again ancient cultures have shown a tendency to raise simple truths to the pedestal of clichedom… This calendar takes a peep behind the pedestal. Like every assignment that New Concept Information Systems undertakes — including far-reaching assignments in some of the most far-flung areas of the country — this calendar is a lively and ‘colourful’ interface with the essence of India. Unfortunately a year has only twelve months. And India has a million colours and shades.