Calendar 2005: Information... About our past, present and future

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Over the centuries it has come down to us in so many forms. A mound standing vigil over buried cities. A palette of memories on a piece of paper. The etching of time on a thousand year old rock. A word in print. An image captured. A syllable spoken. A thought recorded. Information. About the world we have inherited. Our ancestors. Us. You. And I. About our past, present and future.

Every second it is being recorded, knowingly and unknowingly by both man and nature. Every moment it is being unearthed, unravelled and being interpreted. That’s life. A constant interplay of the creation and availability of information and our response to it as individuals and as social beings... New Concept Information Systems’ 2005 Calendar takes a full circle of sorts by using its pages to present some interesting ‘information’ on the important ways in which a vast body of India-related information itself has been documented, discovered or deciphered over the ages and some of the milestones associated with it.