Analytical Documentation

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The path of development is paved with milestones of major initiatives, decisive turns and situations that have a profound impact on project outcomes, which need to be documented to inform future interventions and to create an objective factual record of programme/project planning and implementation.

New Concept's strength lies in the wide experience it has gained in various aspects of documentation over the years, ranging from process documentation of programmes and projects, preparation of policy and mission documents, compilation of case studies to workshop coverage and reporting.

Our documentation exercise is based on field visits and discussions with stakeholders at all levels to obtain relevant primary and secondary information, historical and institutional information from state governments and various levels of PRI and district level stakeholders, interviews, thorough review of implementation procedures and understanding of the roles of various stakeholders in planning and execution of programmes.

We help organisations to systematically document their strategies, interventions, achievements, best practices and lessons learnt. Content development is based on   meticulous research and the knowledge and experience of social issues gained over the years by our associates and partners.