Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC)

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Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) is a research -based, consultative process that uses communication to promote and facilitate behaviour change and support the requisite social change for the purpose of achieving desired  outcomes.To achieve social and behaviour change, SBCC is driven by evidence based research, and project perspectives and needs. SBCC is guided by a comprehensive understanding of factors at play,  that influences knowledge, attitudes and practices of individuals and communities.

Thus, it works at one or more levels: the behaviour or action of individual, collective actions taken by groups, social and cultural structures, and the enabling environment. Depending upon the issues and the context, SBCC can achieve change as a separate intervention, but usually it is part of a comprehensive change strategy that includes multiple interventions, including communication.

New Concept has been engaged with SBCC interventions since its inception and has acquired proficiency in implementing interventions particularly in the field of health and nutrition.

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