Ekjut Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (EMCPL)

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Our consortium of New Concept Information Systems Pvt. Ltd (NCIS) and Ekjut Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd (EMCPL) offered TMST strong collective experience in the designing, training and supporting implementation and documentation of the Participatory Learning and Action(PLA) model for improvement in health, nutrition, water and sanitation (HNWASH) status in 15 high-burden districts of Odisha.

EMCPL’s far reaching insights into the effects of participatory intervention with women’s groups on various health outcomes through several randomised control trials was brought to bear on the positive outcomes of this assignment. The experience in Wave 1 in three districts will inform the roll-out in the remaining 12 districts and also in completing the remaining phases of PLA in the three districts. Wave 1 was a period of intensive planning, experimentation and finding solutions to teething challenges. NCIS’s substantial experience in managing large-scale capacity building and community-based interventions, developing M&E systems assisted by web-based Management Information System (MIS) and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) -enabled data capture, wide-ranging documentation and knowledge management skills, complemented EMCPL’s understanding and offer rich value to the client in: i) quality management of training and PLA sessions; and ii) to generate learning and insights into complex processes of change, “what works” and “why” through monitoring, process evaluation and documenting change.