Sanjhi Sehat applies the PLA approach to ensure community participation in tackling health, nutrition, water and sanitation issues

Posted In:    Delhi    Training Modules    India    health    Sanitation    nutrition    HNWASH    Ekjut    PLA    Sanjhi Sehat    WASH    meeting manuals    picture cards    flex banners    English    Hindi    Print Media    Recent Projects    Health    Nutrition    Madhya Pradesh    2015 2010, with support from the Madhya Pradesh Technical Assistance and Support Team (MPTAST), the PLA approach based on community mobilisation was implemented in Madhya Pradesh.
Issues of maternal and neonatal health, nutrition and hygiene are addressed in a participatory manner through 22 community meetings in one project cycle.
During the 22 community-level meetings on health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene (HNWASH), those community members who have been participating are meant to share key discussion points with other community members and also motivate them to attend future meetings. Apart from this, two major community meetings are also held, wherein a work plan is prepared in collaboration with community leaders for streamlining and implementation.
/sites/default/files/module%20cover.pngNew Concept, in partnership with Ekjut, has assisted the MPTAST team through deployment of Quality Control Monitors (QCMs) for supportive supervision of village-level PLA meetings. Training materials including meeting manuals, picture cards and flex banners etc. have been developed. New Concept has also developed ICT content for the project including design, development and programming of an online MIS and user manual, redesign of the Sanjhi Sehat website and preparation of a web repository of materials produced under the project linked to the main website and freely available to Sanjhi Sehat project staff, trainers and facilitators.
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