Developing Capacity Building and Communication Material on State Adaptations of National Iron plus Initiative Program

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The Government of India (GoI) in 2013 launched National Iron Plus Initiative as an attempt to look at Iron Deficiency Anemia comprehensively across all life stages including adolescents and women in reproductive age group who are not pregnant or lactating.

Micronutrient Initiative Organization had hired New Concept for the development of capacity building and communication material on state adaptations of National Iron plus Initiative Program. In the briefing meeting, some background materials were also shared.


It was a project which was planned in 3 states namely, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. State Consultation workshops and pre-test were conducted in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, whereas in Chhattisgarh the state did not approve the NIPI program guidelines. Several feedback was received from the field, which on approval from client was incorporated and final materials were printed and sent to individual state office of MI.

The Materials were Training Module, Information Brochure, Flipbook, FAQ booklet.