Sanjhi Sehat

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 The DFID-supported Madhya Pradesh Health Sector Reforms Programme (MPHSRP) extends technical assistance to four departments of the Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) through the FHI 360-led Technical and Management Support Agency (TAST).

MPTAST is supporting replication of the Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach to improve demand for HNWASH services among communities in eight districts of Madhya Pradesh. MPTAST has partnered with three NGOs for interventions in three districts covering nine blocks. Whereas in the remaining five districts, SRLM is directly supporting the intervention in one block each, totalling to five blocks.

NCIS, in consortium with EMCPL as training and concurrent monitoring partner, has taken up this assignment.

Following tasks were taken up by NCIS:

  • Build capacities of NGO and SRLM staff on PLA and roll-out of HNWASH sessions across eight intervention districts.

  • Facilitators’ Manual and Job Aids. Logistics for training of NGO, SRLM Staff and Master Trainers by EMCPL. Quality Control 

    Monitoring post training.

  • Design and operationalise a web-based Management Information System (MIS) and periodically analyse project data

  • Web-based MIS for Sanjhi Sehat. MIS Operational guidelines. MIS training of NGO and SRLM staff Data Quality Assurance

  • Undertake a range of documentation activities to consolidate learnings to support scale-up.

  • Step-by-step guide for replication of Sanjhi Sehat. Web-based repository on Sanjhi Sehat resources. Compendium of Case studies



Looking at the progress of Sanjhi Sehat in 5 SRLM districts, the government has approved its implementation in six more districts of MP through SRLM.