Designing ABM Training Module in Hindi and English for UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh

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 Under the Atal Bihari Bajpai Bal Arogya Evam Poshan Mission, a five-day training module for ICDS health frontline functionaries (AWWs) was developed by UNICEF, Bhopal. This training module was designed keeping in mind the fact that AWWs should be well informed and confident in using the available mechanisms and platforms for increasing coverage of evidence-based interventions as well as having the required skills for performing their tasks effectively. The toolkit ensured that each AWW was well versed with rationale of messages on health and nutrition etc. and knew her roles and responsibilities and the services being promoted by her. The training module also focussed on the expected output of AWWs.

The overall scope of work of New Concept was:

  • Developing and Designing the Training Manuals (Participant’s Manual and Facilitator’s Guide).

  • Developing and Designing the Training Aids (five).

  • Pre-testing the Training Kit with AWWs and Supervisors in Gwalior.

  • Finalisation of Kit and presentation to GoMP