Development & Design of Training Package for Facility-based and Community-based Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh UNICEF, Bhopal

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 The prevalence of undernutrition in India is highest in Madhya Pradesh and is one of the main causes of having high IMR (67) and U5MR (89) [AHS 2010-11]. To achieve the Millennium Development Goal 4, which aims at reducing the nation’s IMR by two-thirds, there is a need to focus on the states which have a large number of malnourished children. Facility based-management of children with SAM (F-SAM), and Community Based-Management of children with SAM (C-SAM) training materials were to be developed to this effect for Madhya Pradesh.


New Concept assisted UNICEF, Bhopal in the development of the Training Packages for F-SAM and C-SAM.

New Concept’s scope of work for this assignment included:

  • Developing content structure and content for the training packages.

  • Meetings with technical expert group committee set up in Bhopal.

  • Overall packaging and designing.

  • Photography and videography for visual aids.

  • Pre-testing each module and training aid.