Shakti Varta-Trainers’ Manual and Facilitators’ Handbook

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Using the Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approach Shakti Varta plays an important role in ensuring community driven identification and implementation of solutions to issues being faced by them around HNWASH in 15 high burden districts of Odisha.

 New Concept designed and developed the Trainers’ Manual and Facilitators’ Handbook in English and Odia along with Ekjut. Apart from this, teams within communications at New Concept came together to design, develop and operationalise the Shakti Varta website, online repository and online and offline MIS. User manuals and other essential functional manuals were also designed and developed.


New Concept plays a role in Project Management, Knowledge Management and Monitoring and Evaluation within Shakti Varta. This is a DFID-assist project and New Concept is the lead technical agency in a consortium with Ekjut.