A Toolkit on Tribal Laws

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Tribal/indigenous people are among the most marginalized, exploited and vulnerable groups in our society. Over the years, they have become a disadvantaged and neglected lot. They are also being increasingly displaced from their customary lands and deprived of their natural resources by various vested interests; as a consequence of their exclusion, they are also victims of human rights violations.


International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), a specialized agency of the United Nations, has been supporting tribal development through the India Country Programme, being the only major external donor that has made tribal development a core element of its programme in India. IFAD intended to develop training manuals on tribal laws and rights, with emphasis on tribal women’s rights. The objective of the toolkit was to facilitate the field team in creating awareness among tribal communities about their rights and benefits.

New Concept was hired for the development of these toolkits on tribal laws and programmes of India. 2 different toolkits were developed for Fifth schedule and Sixth schedule areas. The toolkit comprises of Flipbook, Booklet and comic strips. Various acts given in the constitution of India and schemes provided by central and state government were covered by the toolkit. New concept was involved in

  • Desk review

  • Content development (Information on laws and programmes, illustrations, design and layout)

  • Pretesting of the toolkit in Meghalaya and Jharkhand