Farm Household Surveys in Allahabad, UP help IFPRI in its goal to find sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty

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The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty. IFPRI Knowledge Products are research tools, best practices, and services which IFPRI advocates and shares as international public goods in order to increase the use and impact in developing and facilitating policy decision making.

New Concept conducted a farm survey in May & June 2012 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh for IFPRI. The survey was undertaken in 20 villages across the district with 400 paddy cultivating households (HHs) including marginal, small, medium and large farmers. Four Tehsil were selected based on distance from Jabalpur and from each Tehsil five villages were selected. In each village, HHs listing exercise was steered for selection of 20 HH randomly.

The district level training was conducted from 10th May, 2012 for 4 days which included 3 days of class training and one day of field practice. Two teams each of 6 field researchers and 1 supervisor participated in 40 days of extensive field work. Teams were headed by field executives and also monitored by the project coordinator regularly throughout the field work.

Main objective of the survey was to understand paddy cultivating practices by different category of farmers and cost of agriculture inputs and rice supply chain. The information was gathered from farmers mainly on land possession and cultivating; changes in the crop model in last five years, if any; paddy output, marketing, and storage; sales of paddy/rice; paddy markets in 2007 compared to 2011; agriculture inputs used and their respective costs; money borrowing information for paddy cultivation in the past 12 months; remittances; and other household income and assets information.