Supporting Community Action on AIDS in India, Alliance India – Annual Report 2010-11

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The report describes the breadth of Alliance India’s growing portfolio. It elaborates, in three sections, areas that Alliance has been working in – Gender, SRHR/HIV Integration for Key Populations, and Community-owned Responses to HIV in India.

The India HIV/AIDS Alliance (Alliance India) is a diverse partnership that brings together committed organisations and communities to support sustained responses to HIV in India. Complementing the Indian national programme, they work through capacity building, knowledge sharing, technical support and advocacy. Through its network of partners, Alliance India supports the delivery of effective, innovative, community-based HIV programmes to key populations affected by the epidemic.

New Concept edited, designed and printed the report. The design of the programmes sections in the report was done in a manner to simplify the content by means of using infographics which guide the user visually through the experience of the programme. The different sections of the report were colour coded based on the areas that Alliance works in, giving the report an organised look and feel. While the content clearly talks of all the work that Alliance has been doing this year, the use of vibrant colours makes this report a visual treat

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Document - Supporting Community Action on AIDS in India, Alliance India – Annual Report 2010-11

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