VCRC Response to Tsunami (26th Dec 2004-26th June 2005)

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Vector Control Research Center in coordination with Indian Council of Medical Research were committed to provide all the necessary support to Government of India in meeting demands of the post Tsunami situation.


VCRC initiatives involved i) advocacy meetings in relief camps ii) distribution and provision of sanitary equipment and disinfectants, iii) contribution of a days’ salary towards the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund by VCRC staff, iv) collection and analysis of water samples from ground pools, drinking water and agricultural water sources for enteric pathogens, marine cyanobacteria, salinity and pH, v) surveillance on the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, solid waste management and vi) assessment of risks of outbreaks of vector borne disease like malaria, Japanese Encephalitis, dengue, and diarrhoel illnesses. New concept documented these initiatives and produced the document.

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