Right to Resources and Conservation-Brochure of Centre for People’s Forestry (CPF)

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The document deals with the programmes chalked out by CPF to create an enabling environment for the local communities living in its intervention areas.

Centre for People’s Forestry (CPF) works to enable forest dwelling and dependent communities to conserve, control and manage forest resources. To fulfill this mandate, CPF works closely with local NGOs (Non- Government Organizations), the Forest Department and other Government agencies at both State and National levels and through participation and involvement of the Community in all its engagements with the Forest Department as a collaborator in the process.

CPF views participation of the local forest dwelling communities as an essential step for sustainability of interventions and works in partnership with other stakeholders to achieve the vision of empowered communities with sustainable livelihoods. CPF provides training to stakeholders in representing matters to the forest department and other concerned departments, in ensuring 1:2 ratios in favor of women in the networks at every level as well as Vana Samarakhshana Samithis (VSS) training programmes like honing up the embroidery skills of the lambada women of Andhra Pradesh, conducting training sessions for members of VSSs on both technical forestry and social aspects and providing support to member VSSs for distributing benefits of returns from the sale of forest products to groups and individuals. CPF facilitates empowerment and decision making processes involving all the members of community without any gender bias.

Cutting across geographic and cultural boundaries, CPF has been successful in its initial activities in the State of Orissa. Beginning here in the year 2007-08, it replicated the model it followed in Andhra Pradesh with some modifications. It selected four operational areas based on forest cover, tribal population and their socio-economic situation. Four nodal NGOs were selected, one each for every area of operation. In the course of engagement, one Division has been given up owing to technical reasons. However, CPF continues work in 100 villages distributed in the other three Divisions.
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Brochure: Centre for People's Forestry

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