2nd East Asia Gender Equality Ministerial Meeting

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Attended by 11countries, the summary of the Inaugural Ceremony held in Delhi, provided by the Japan department on the topic of Equality Ministerial Meeting, highlights the measures widely undertaken to prevent gender inequality and promote women for decision making processes.

Home-based workers, Violence against women, Women in decision making, were the three topics discussed in the meeting. Japan participated as a panelist in the group discussion on Women in Decision-making Processes.

The 11 countries that had participated in the Meeting were the Kingdom of Cambodia, People’s Republic of China, India, Republic of Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Union of Myanmar, New Zealand, Republic of the Philippines, Kingdom of Thailand and Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. Of these, 6 countries had been represented by person(s) on a Ministerial level: Kingdom of Cambodia, People’s Republic of China, India, Japan, New Zealand, and Republic of the Philippines.

At the closing of the Meeting, New Delhi Joint Ministerial Communique had been adopted.

The Communique articulated on practical actions that had been taken on prioritized issues such as the women’s participation and leadership at all levels of decision making, violence against women, and the difficulties faced by home-based workers in India.
The participants agreed to make East Asia Gender Equality Ministerial Meeting a biennial instead of annual meeting. The first meeting was held in 2006.

New Concept designed and printed all these materials and also provided support during the event by managing travel, presentation and the whole event.

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