Riding the Storm - Community Experiences from Disaster Preparedness Initiatives in Andhra Pradesh

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An insight into the concrete steps taken by Oxfam GB to educate the people living on the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh to the impending disasters of the cyclones and tackle them beforehand.

Providing the relief operations and initiatives for livelihood support, Oxfam GB had motivated the villagers of the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh to mentally and consciously get themselves geared to the process of community based disaster preparedness.

With the help of several NGOs, Oxfam initiated efforts in the year 1997 to educate people on the importance of saving the resources and mitigating the loss of lives, loss of their meager property and assets.

About 44% of Andhra’s total territory is vulnerable to storms, cyclones and other related hazards. The people are educated on the priority of the steps that should be taken before the warning signals of a cyclone.

The villagers are motivated to the development of the culture of disaster preparedness. The relief operations and the initiatives for livelihood support, pave the way for the process of community based disaster preparedness. The livelihood support initiatives are woven around the process of Community Based Disaster Preparedness.

The document throws light on the disaster drill practices that the villagers undergo in order to save their lives and resources. It highlights the fun and seriousness shown in the game plans designed for both children and adults, to accomplish their disaster drills. In this way the villagers’ immediate support and response to the activities are evoked.

The document enhances the awareness created for earning a wage through various occupations, the importance of insurance and the objectives of a secure life, in the midst of storms.

New Concept executed the process of research, compilation and design of the documentation.


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