Evaluation of IBM’s Reinventing Education Programme

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Evaluation of IBM’s reinventing Education Programme points to positive changes in the classroom and tremendous potential to engage teachers, students, school management and educators in a long-term partnership. 

The Reinventing Education (RE) programme, an initiative of IBM, is driven with the motivation to improve and enhance the quality of schooling in partnership with the local governments in various countries. Launched in 1994, this programme is now available in 25 cities throughout the United States as well as in Australia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, China and India.

In India, the RE programme is being implemented in partnership with the Andhra Pradesh Educational Society (APREIS) in Andhra Pradesh and Corporation of Chennai (CoC), Tamil Nadu. The RE programme has resulted in the continuous professional development of 80 teachers and 20 principals across 20 selected schools in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Chennai. It directly benefits about 320 students in AP and 620 children in Chennai. 

After initiating the RE programme in India, the IBM-RE team commissioned a study to document the process and the progress to enable them to review, share the experience and move to the next phase of its mission, with a clear focus of developing a model that would work in India. 

New Concept’s evaluation of RE in India, studied and reviewed the following:

  • The concept of RE;
  • Its application within the context of the education system in India;
  • Role of implementing partners in the two states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu;
  • The practice of RE in the selected government schools;
  • Challenges in implementation of RE; and
  • Future steps.

This evaluation report is an outcome of the study and review the RE programme, presented to IBM India Pvt. Ltd. in November 2009, by New Concept. 

Report: Reinventing Education - Programme in India