Design and Development of Online Repository For Training Elected Representatives and Officials of Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs)

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The Government of India-UNDP Capacity Development for Local Governance (CDLG) project is implemented by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj. It aims to strengthen institutions and mechanisms so as to enhance capacities of elected representatives (ERs) and functionaries for human development oriented, inclusive planning, implementation and improved accountability in local governance.

Keeping in mind various training programmes conducted by state level institutions on a range of issues related to panchayati raj, UNDP planned to develop a bi-lingual web-based repository of training materials and modules used in training ERs and officials of PRIs, with the aim of sharing the resources electronically. The main purpose of the repository was to encourage exchange of information and to avoid any duplication of resource material already available.

The repository also has databases of resource persons, resource organisations and training courses related to local self governance and rural development.

New Concept provided the following services:

  • Sourcing Panchayati Raj related resource material from SIRDs, ATIs, PRTIs, national-level institutions, and NGOs
  • Developing the structure and design of the web-based repository through various brain storming sessions with the Ministry and UNDP officials
  • Review of all resource materials to prepare a brief synopsis (in both English and Hindi) with keywords and table of contents
  • Creation of a web-based resource centre with databases of training material, resource persons and training programmes
  • Upload of all the material on the web-based repository


Link to Repository - Training Repository for Panchayati Raj