The Rajasthan Mission of Livelihood (RMOL) - M&E system and tools to capture major results of the Mission

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The Rajasthan Mission of Livelihood (RMOL) was launched in September, 2004 to upgrade the status of livelihoods of the poor in the state, with the Chief Minister as its Chairperson.

The project has generated livelihoods to more than 1.7 lakh of people in phase 1 i.e 2004-2008, mainly through employment fairs, skill training, rural employment exchange, horticulture, migrant services, distance education and goat breeding and backyard poultry programmes. Second stage began in 2008 up to 2012.

New Concept was responsible for establishing the project M & E system in line with UNDP guidelines for M&E. A robust project M&E system and tools were set up to capture major results of the Mission, especially its emphasis on disadvantaged groups and their livelihoods. New Concept also conducted comprehensive baseline survey in close consultation with RMOL and UNDP.

Specific tasks included - revising and upgrading the Results Framework, establishing the overall plan for project M&E including M&E system, tools etc, orient and build capacities of all related stakeholders on Results based Management and baseline survey in 10 districts. The total sample size of the baseline survey was 1620 households.