Review of MIS & Information Sharing Systems for CRS

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A review of MIS & Information Sharing Systems for Catholic Relief Services (CRS) involving a feasibility study of the existing state of information systems in CRS and recommending an integrated and optimal information system.

The overall objective of the information review was to study the existing state of information systems in CRS. Once this was done recommendations were made regarding an optimal information system. Creation of an information strategy for the organization was also initiated. 

The methodology was to interview members of CRS at all levels in the organization to get a good understanding of the current state of the MIS in CRS. Survey questionnaires were designed and staff members and partners were interviewed throughout the country at the national, state, CP and OP levels. Team members from New Concept Information Systems traveled to state offices to conduct interviews. Members from each functional area in the state office including Programs, Finance, Program Quality, Admin, MR and the State Representative and Deputy State Representative were interviewed. 

The surveys were designed to stimulate discussion and generate qualitative feedback regarding the existing state of information systems in CRS. A database was designed to store and query the surveys. 

The database of surveys was used to summarize all of the findings of the research. This summary of findings was translated into a presentation. This presentation was delivered to national level team members at CRS. Their feedback was obtained. The survey database, the feedback of the national team and the personal knowledge gathered by traveling and meeting members of CRS at all levels was used to write this CRS MIS Study document.

The feasibility study recommended an integrated web-based approach to building an organizational MIS for CRS including all state offices and project domains.