Our Work

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New Concept has been providing a comprehensive bouquet of services to governments, funders and practitioners in all areas of social development for the last 26 years. Our core strength lies in understanding policy goals, programmatic strategy and interventions through rigorous study and research that builds on our considerable experience.

This leads to appropriate choice of communication strategy and innovative content, concept and design of communication materials; it enables us to develop and execute the requisite capacity building responses. Assessing and fulfilling project needs, in step with our clients’ vision, has been the hallmark of our services.

Therefore, as the changed development scenario unfolds, we are excellently positioned to play the role of a thinking development agency, capable of assisting its clients, both government and nongovernment, to fulfill their commitments.

With our vast experience in social development, a large multi-skilled human resource base, knowledge and understanding of the multi-faceted needs of diverse regions – particularly in India and south-east Asia, we continue to provide quality services on time in a more professional, holistic and sustained manner. A sound technical base and excellent infrastructure support us in providing a wide range of services including primary and secondary research, documentation, advocacy, communication, social mobilisation, publishing, web and ICT, data management, capacity building and offshore services.