India Launch Workshop - Global Sanitation Fund

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The Global Sanitation Fund was established to boost the expenditure on sanitation and hygiene. With India featuring as a priority country on GSF’s list, a Launch Workshop of Global Sanitation Fund was held in New Delhi.

In 1990, United Nations decided to set up a body to help provide clean water and sanitation to the people of the world. This body, the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) further established the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) to boost expenditure on sanitation and hygiene in accordance with the national policies related to various sectors. India features as a priority country on GSF’s list.

The launch of GSF was supported by the India Wash Forum (IWF), a body aligned to the WSSCC that focuses on the water and sanitation sector in India. A proposal was drafted by IWF for GSF programme priorities and implementation structures for India. Based on this proposal, a Launch Workshop of Global Sanitation Fund was held in New Delhi that saw keen participation by NGOs, national and international experts and organisations and members of the Department of Drinking Water Supply and GSF.

The aim of the GSF Launch Workshop was to provide a transparent platform for engagement of all stakeholders of the Indian Sanitation Sector. This was achieved with a sanitation sector review presentation by experiences of 3 states (Orissa, Andhra Pradesh & Gujarat) as well as a presentation by IWF on the national level sanitation challenges and priorities for GSF.

This report entails the mandates and plans that were discussed by the participants and the proposed actions, suggestions on priorities for GSF in India, accompanied with presentations. Moving forward, the role of IWF in the GSF was agreed upon and the need to identify a consultant for proposal development was established.

Publication: Proceedings of the India Launch Workshop

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