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The Academy for Educational Development (AED) is leading a new partnership called Communication for Change (C-Change), which is USAID's flagship program to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of social and behavior change communication applied to programs, activities, and tools.

C-Change works with global, regional, and local partners to incorporate knowledge about the social determinants and underlying causes of individual behaviors and takes into account research and lessons learned from implementing and evaluating activities.

Employing innovative and tested methods, C-Change works to meet the continuing challenges posed by evolving health issues that require a behavior change communication approach.  C-Change also works to strengthen the capacity of local organizations to plan, implement, and manage programs, thus ensuring sustained local knowledge and skills.

New Concept and Centre for Media Studies (partners for S.Asia region) worked on the SCALE approach in Jharkhand.

In Jharkhand, New Concept under the C-Change program facilitated the application of SCALE® to strengthen the relationships among stakeholders who work on different issues that all relate to HTSP. SCALE® is an innovative process for catalyzing large-scale change by involving multiple stakeholders – both those using conventional and other approaches– who unite around a common vision, network among themselves, and take action to produce system-wide change in a short period of time...Read More