Process monitoring benefits Tamil Nadu Vazhndhu Kaattuvom Project (TNVKP)

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A regular and rigorous monitoring of the key project processes is performed in TNVKP with the objective of highlighting best practices, unusual incidences and most significant changes besides underlining any issues/concerns/shortcomings leading to action points for the Project Management Units at state, district and cluster levels.

Vazhndhu Kaattuvom, is a project initiated in 2005 to further the socioeconomic development agenda set by Government of Tamil Nadu. This is a World Bank supported project. The project is designed to provide strategic support to the state government in identifying and understanding poverty of its vulnerable population, and to pilot strategies for improving livelihoods of the marginalized. Larger aim is to facilitate participation of marginalized in the planned economic development of the state. Hence the focus is on building capacities of the poor and ultra poor and strengthening social capital among them through pro-poor institutions such as Village Poverty Reduction Committee, Self Help Groups and Panchayat level federations.
Empowerment of women and inclusion of the disabled and vulnerable, the key project objectives are achieved through giving skill training, individual assistance, bank loans and technical knowhow, directly or through socio-economic networks such as Self-Help Groups and Panchayat Level Federations.
Project processes are subjected to regular rigorous internal monitoring at the Panchayat, cluster and district level. New Concept Information Systems, as an external monitoring agency is complimenting the internal M & E efforts by documenting the key processes, highlighting key issues/concerns/findings, best practices and unusual events since 2008. Project functionaries at district, cluster and panchayat level as well as stakeholders at the community level are taking serious notice of the New Concept findings and converting them into action points for the ongoing project implementation. The issues are discussed at VPRC meetings as well as monthly district review meetings. Corrective actions are taken not just in the concerned villages where the issues are prevalent but alerts are issued across the districts to watch and stop any such shortcomings.
Besides taking the process monitoring activity to a new level of relevance for the project implementation, this has also brought home a deeper sense of responsibility among the District Project Management Units.
The project has had extensive coverage in the media.

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