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NC Calendars

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New Concept Brochure 2013

New Concept was set up in 1988 by professionals belonging to diverse disciplines. We are a unique multi-dimensional, multi-faceted organisation. We have leveraged our diversity to provide a comprehensive package of quality services in the field of social development

December 2011

 The Pandayas, Cheras, Cholas once sailed on my waves.
People bathed joyously on Chithirai Thirumal day!
They bathe today, but Madurai's fish-eyed Devi knows
How once upon a time I well and truly flowed.

- River Vaigai

Planner to plan your year ahead

You can download the New Concept Planner for 2011 and print, share, plan away! We also offer you our planner as desktop wall-paper. Choose from the resolutions best suited to your PC.

Calendar 2010: Rhythms

Download the PDF bewlow!


Of the Soul!


Of the Soil!

Calendar 2009: The architecture of life

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I am a House called India.

I am Change. I am Hope.

I am India. I am one. I am many. In one. I have a hundred dimensions. A thousand textures. A million shades.

I am a house called India. I am quite incomparable in this world. I am not stone. I am not wood. I am not mud, bamboo or grass. I am sunshine.