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Recent Projects


Agriculture Survey on Zero-Tillage Technology in Bihar

cimmyt-01.JPGZero-tillage (ZT) in wheat is one of CSISA's core supported technologies in the Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh (EUP) hubs. In 2013, two independent but interlinked socioeconomic studies were conducted, one focusing on ZT adoption and its performance at the farm household level (Study 1) and one focusing on ZT service provision as a business opportunity (Study 2).

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Annual Assessment Survey of Udbhav initiative in Uttar Pradesh

kusuma-01_0.jpgAn Annual Assessment Survey was undertaken to assess the impact of the Udbhav initiative of Kusuma Trust on teaching practices and student learning. Adopting longitudinal and mixed-method research design it covered learning assessments of students in Classes 9 and 10 in English, Math and Science, observations of teaching practice and focus groups with students district resource group members, and individual interviews with teachers and other key stakeholders.

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